Beginners lessons in Amsterdam

Argentine Tango Take off 
Starting on Tuesday 2nd May!!!

 Step into the world of Argentine tango dancing

 Tango it's a refine social dance, when you enter in Argentine Tango, you step into a world wide experience;  Because this intimate ‘language’ is ‘spoken’ around the globe you can dance with people everywhere. You'll share, exchange and create strong bonds with people where ever you go. 
 In our eyes, from what we experience ourselves and from what we have seen, tango can change your life, or at least make it more colourful and rich :-)
 Join us for a foundational course that will give you a head start.

• Every Tuesday from 19.30 to 21.30
    19.30-20.45 Lesson
    20.45-21.30 Practice time! 
• Come by yourself or as a couple
• Address: Damoves Dance Studio, 

   1e Jan  Steenstraat 103 Amsterdam

• For information, pricing and to register:

Argentine Tango is a refined couple dance, based on structures to improvise. The leader proposes a dialogue to the follower, inspired by poetic music creating an emotional dance together.  Therefore, it’s essential to have the right tools to make this dialogue possible. We believe it's very important to start with a good base, acquiring strong technique.This will be the key to express what you’d like to communicate and find harmony with your dance couple and the music. We will focus on technique, communication within the couple, Argentine tango culture and its music. With strong foundations a long and good tango life is ensured!

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